About Us

“Non-Food Traders Association” is a private association, established in 2021, which unites some of the largest representatives of the non-food market in Bulgaria. The organization develops its activities through:

  • establishing contact with public authorities;
  • contact with organizations and media;
  • participation in working groups, advisory councils, public discussions, legislative initiatives;
  • organizing and conducting seminars and trainings, information and communication campaigns;
  • conducting analyses, research and studies in the retail sector;
  • development of professional standards for bona fide business relations in the retail sector.

The members of the association strive for fruitful cooperation with the state and government bodies in order to prevent unfair practices, eliminate restrictive regulations and combat the economic crisis.

Our Goals

The purpose of the activity of NFTA is to lead to the establishment of honest and conscientious business relations in the retail sector. The goals of the Association are:

Establishing and upholding clear, transparent and valid for all rules by the Bulgarian state for retail trade
Protection of the common branch interests and rights of the members before institutions and organizations
Improving members' awareness of legal and regulatory issues
Improving the public and business environment in Bulgaria

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New members of the Association are accepted on the basis of a written application for membership addressed to the Board and written recommendations from at least two members of the Association. Members of the NFTA may be legal entities registered according the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria, which are traders of non-food products and meet the following conditions:

  • have more than one own or rented commercial site (shop) for carrying out their usual activity with an area of over 300 m2, and
  • have realized net sales revenues for the last completed financial year in the amount of at least BGN 10,000,000 (ten million), or
  • have at least 100 (one hundred) people – employees on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Our Team

Management Board and operational team of the Association


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